The Swiss climate solutions and technology company AxessImpact announced a strategic partnership today to develop sustainable agroforestry projects with Green Capital Invest (GCI), a Luxembourg based climate project investor and developer, and the French sustainability consulting firm, Cibola Partners.

Through this partnership, GCI’s investments in sustainable agriculture projects will benefit from Cibola’s regulatory and carbon market expertise, and from Axessimpact’s technology platform Habitat. The Habitat is designed for the development of and investment in climate projects, ensuring both transparency and trust in the impact of its projects.

This partnership firmly attests to the three companies’ unwavering commitment to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17: Partnership for the Goals.

“We are excited to embark on this journey together towards a brighter, more sustainable future and are confident we will become much more efficient in the execution of our projects at scale through this partnership” remarks GCI CEO Richard Boutahra at the launch of the partnership.

“I am looking forward to continue innovating for the environment with these two amazing partners, and to deploy our Habitat operating system for greater impact on more climate projects. Together, we will be able to accomplish our shared vision to drive sustainable development and combat climate change through technological innovation and investment in climate projects said Michele Patierno in Geneva.

About Green Capital Invest (CGI): GCI champions a green agricultural paradigm, prioritizing CO2 sequestration and the economic empowerment of rural regions. From tackling deforestation through tree planting to championing sustainable water strategies, GCI is dedicated to ecological harmony and progressive economic growth.

About AxessImpact: AxessImpact leverages technology and collective intelligence to develop and invest nature-based and climate solution projects. Through its platform Habitat, it provides project developers and investors an operating system to measure, monitor and manage the impact of their projects, while generating greater transparency and trust in their impact.

About Cibola Partners: Cibola Partners has been supporting the climate and energy strategies of governments, large organizations and companies around the world for more than 15 years, in order to improve their sustainability and performance. A longstanding partner of AxessImpact, Cibola has deep regulatory insights and strong carbon markets acumen.