The Swiss climate solutions and technology company AxessImpact announced that they will be taking on the responsibility of coordinating the matchmaking activities that were previously within the scope of the Innovate 4 Nature (I4N) association. The team and network that has been driving investments in nature-based solutions, join AxessImpact as of 1st November 2023, thereby significantly enhancing AxessImpact’s capabilities to connect climate projects with investors.

These additional team members bring a distinguished network and strong expertise in building partnerships and collaboration between environmental projects and investors to AxessImpact, which in turn will further benefit from AxessImpact’s technology platform ‘Habitat’.  The Habitat is designed for the development of and investment in climate projects and green innovation, ensuring both transparency and trust in the impact measurement, monitoring and managing of impact units.

“We are thrilled to welcome these new team members and expertise into our network. This integration represents a strategic advancement, reinforcing our collective action. By incorporating the matchmaking expertise of I4N through our Habitat platform, we significantly enhance our collaborative potential. Together, we are committed to advancing our unified vision for a sustainable and regenerative future,” stated Yves Carnazzola, CEO of AxessImpact.

About Innovate4Nature: I4N will transition from a marketplace to an accelerator for nature-positive solutions. ​I4N aims to drive positive change in the way businesses and society interact with nature by building a portfolio of high-quality nature-positive solutions, fostering a vibrant ecosystem, and providing thought leadership.

About AxessImpact: AxessImpact leverages technology and collective intelligence to develop and invest nature-based and climate solution projects. Through its platform Habitat, it provides project developers and investors an operating system to measure, monitor and manage the impact of their projects, while generating greater transparency and trust in their impact.