The Swiss climate solutions and technology company AxessImpact announced a strategic partnership with Impact One, the Berlin based initiative that supports the development of practical and scalable solutions that safeguard biodiversity and reintegrate nature into our urban environments. AxessImpact will support Impact One’s initiatives through its technology platform ‘Habitat’, which is designed for the development of and investment in nature-based and climate solutions, ensuring both transparency and trust in the impact of its projects.

The partnership was initiated in 2023 as part of Impact One’s Possible Futures programme. Possible Futures supports initiatives and projects that are developing and promoting specific, evidence-based and scalable solutions to improve the conditions of life on our planet. As part of this mission it works with indigenous communities from the Amazon and beyond, co-creating regenerative business models to support Indigenous Peoples’ stewardship of their lands, and by extension, the protection of some of our planet’s most vital ecosystems.

Through the partnership with AxessImpact, Impact One expands on its mission to establish sustainable business models for ecosystem preservation and restoration, evaluating ecosystem services beyond carbon removal. This includes the development of new and innovative impact certificates that aim to recognise the value of indigenous communities’ stewardship of their ecosystems, and guarantee the highest standards of accountability and impact of environmental credits.

“This partnership is a significant step in redefining the economic value of ecosystems and the irreplaceable role of indigenous communities in preserving them. We could not think of a better strategic partner than Impact One, and its focus on practical, scalable, and evidence-based climate solutions, which aligns perfectly with AxessImpact’s mission, technology and expertise,” said Yves Carnazzola, AxessImpact CEO.

“AxessImpact shares our vision of a holistic, impactful approach to environmental sustainability, biodiversity and indigenous stewardship. They deliver a key component for the methodology required for creating a true value environmental impact assessment and play an essential role in ensuring the success of the project,” shared Mikolaj Sekutowcz, CEO of Impact One.

About Impact One: Impact One supports the development of practical and scalable solutions that safeguard biodiversity and reintegrate nature into our urban environments. Prioritising solutions that reconnect culture and nature, Impact One strives for maximum impact in improving public health and environmental wellbeing. Through its Possible Futures initiative, Impact One is dedicated to transforming human activities into drivers of protection and restoration of ecosystems. Collaborating with a network of leading industry and policy experts, its mission is to place the right value on nature-based solutions and nature-based services to create true value and nature-positive economies to tackle the global challenges posed by rapid urbanisation and climate change. |

About AxessImpact: AxessImpact leverages technology and collective intelligence to develop and invest in nature-based and climate solution projects. Through its platform Habitat, it provides project developers and investors an operating system to measure, monitor and manage the impact of their projects, while generating greater transparency and trust in their impact.