Empowering the shift towards a Regenerative Economy

We build trust in impact

Leveraging Technology and Collective Intelligence to Shape a Sustainable Future where Impact Drives Economy


Driven by regenerative principles we have developed Habitat, an Operating System for developers, investors and stakeholders in impact projects

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Collective Intelligence

Guided by collaborative wisdom, we have established a network of cutting-edge experts to harness diverse knowledge and foster collaborative innovation.

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About Us

We are a Green Fintech working towards a world in which the economy and environmental stewardship are not just compatible, but mutually beneficial.

Guided by a risk – return – impact model, which seeks positive ecological and social impact alongside financial returns, we are pioneering a path towards a sustainable future. 

By bringing together a technological solution with the expertise and collective intelligence of our network and partners, we are building trust in impact and develop a gateway to the regenerative economy.