Leveraging Technology and Collective Intelligence to finance Nature-based & Climate Solutions

Statement from our founders

We are desperately aware of the need to tackle global challenges across environmental and social concerns. We believe this can be done by implementing solutions that align regenerative policies and empower collective action involving private and public participation to create the regenerative economy. 

At AxessImpact we know that the regenerative economy requires an integrated approach taking into consideration the interdependencies of the ecological systems and their social and economic drivers. We have created an ecosystem of customised HABITATS for each actor or project to commit to regenerative actions.


Holistic environment of digital transparency, traceability and trust.

The Habitats are collaborative Impact Operating Systems developed by AxessImpact, designed to bring together Project developers, Companies, Investors, and Public Authorities.

The habitats enable stakeholders to collaborate across sectors and Measure, Monitor, and Manage their externalities, encompassing the whole impact value chain both positive and negative.

The Operating System for:

  • Develop & manage impact projects
  • Secure project funding & early-stage investments
  • Fast & reliable pathway to certification
  • Show progress & monetize Impact
  • Impact assessment & reporting
  • Invest in early-stage impact opportunities
  • Make blended & outcome based investments
  • Decarbonize your portfolio
  • Manage, buy & sell impact units
  • Impact accounting & ESG reporting
  • Conduct life cycle impact assessment (LCIA)
  • Value chain scope 1, 2, 3, analysis
  • Mapping contributions & causality of interventions
  • Managing impact units along and beyond value chain
  • Meet your nature positive committments
  • Impact accounting, reporting & disclosure
  • Integrated collaboration & Private-Public partnerships
  • Effective coordination & Implementation of interventions
  • Bioregional planning and management
  • Policy alignment, nested & jurisdictional solutions
  • Paris Agreement alignment Art: 6.2 / 6.4 / 6.8
  • Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

Trust by Design

Together we build trust in Impact to empower the Regenerative Economy.

We can harvest our intelligence to enable values-based projects to build the new economy, using technology and the network we cultivate. 


Whether to invest in nature-based solutions,
finance climate innovations,
or buy foward impact contracts,
AxessImpact is where impact projects meet investors.


At AxessImpact we are driving the transition to an impact-based regenerative economy.

To achieve this, we have created the Habitat, an innovative operating system for a holistic approach to the impact value chain.

Distributed by design, Habitats leverage collective intelligence to tailor solutions for Developers, Companies, Investors and Public Authorities.

The network of Habitats establishes a traceable and transparent ecosystem of trust, empowering us to Measure outputs, Monitor outcomes and effectively  Manage impacts.

We are the impact framework of tomorrow.

Yves Carnazzola
Yves Carnazzola


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Michele Patierno


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Christophe Verbaere


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Aarti Laderach-Agrawal


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Dominik Zotti


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Tessa Chaffey


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Nicolas Durr


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Grégory Guillot


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Gautier Michel


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Nicolas Pereira Martin



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